Hi Iím Jill:

Your therapist Jill

I began my studies at the University of Auckland where I did a bachelor of arts double major in psychology and philosophy. During my studies I underwent psychotherapy to experience the process first hand. Why not? Thatís what I was studying and it was free. I went every Saturday for a year. I found this to be a very PAINFUL process and after graduating – swore I would not be doing THAT for a job!

I moved into a career in Information Technology (long story). I became a help desk manager in Wellington and eventually moved to the USA. I lived in Atlanta Georgia for two and a half years and worked there as a financial software consultant. I was travelling A LOT for work around the USA and missing home (unexpected story) – so I looked up the services of a hypnotherapist (I’d always been curious). It is here that I found my passion! I used to walk out of those sessions feeling SO GREAT – high – happy – peaceful. So after going every Saturday for a year I KNEW I would be doing THIS for a living!

I moved to California for two and a half years - studied hypnotherapy and enrolled in the PhD program. When I came home to NZ I continued both with IT, Hypnotherapy and NLP.

In the IT world I teach people how to run the programs on the computers – how to learn the language of that software because the more you KNOW about it – the more it can do for you. In my hypnotherapy/NLP world – I teach people how to run the programs of their minds – how to learn the language of the mind because the more you KNOW about YOUR mind – the more it can do for YOU.

When someone comes to me for a hypnotherapy session I take a step into that person’s reality. I see and feel and think like they do. And in that hypnotic rapport they become able to see themselves. By paying attention and having a great tool kit to keep the mirror clean – self healing occurs. You see yourself as you really are. With intention you make some adjustments so that YOU can like what YOU see. Like what YOU think. Like the way YOU feel. And the happier you are – that happy energy you generate - will affect everything around you - making THIS a much MORE BEAUTIFUL place to be - for all of us.

You can feel safe at Hypnospa. Dr Jill Walker has a PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy from American Pacific University. She completed her Bachelors degree in both psychology and philosophy at the University of Auckland. She is also an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner.