“More relaxing than a massage, but more fulfilling than an hour with Richard Branson” – AF

“I am really delighted at the results of Hypnospa. As a business owner I really felt like I needed to clarify my goals and get rid of some of the fear and anxiety surrounding them. After the session, I felt like I had already reached my goal so all that fear and anxiety had gone, leaving just excitement about how I was going to achieve it. Thank you and I will be back!” – Anonymous

“The moment you completed the count of 5 to return me to normal I felt the difference. What is going on with me at the moment is so overwhelming and joyful from the experience of the Hypnospa Session that I went through. I can say how grateful I am you provided that session for me, I had no idea what it entailed now I can't stop talking about it to friends and whanau. My cousin who is older than me and has always been like a sister to me is in awe of my improved health and confidence. Arohanui ” – 70 Years Young Goal Getter

“You offered great suggestions, really listened and responded with proactive solutions Ė not just psychobabble” – L Canfield

“The changes that have occurred within our staff and myself - because of our hypnotherapy - are very gratifying. I do believe each of us have gained personal improvement but even better is a greater sense of understanding and openness that is occurring with the business culture. I would be very happy to use your business on a bi-annual basis because you have proved to us that your specialist skills directly impact our bottom line. ” – Small Business Owner

“I love thinking out of the box and discovering new initiatives. I went to see Hypnospa to find out what I didnít know. I am 58 years of age and very goal orientated. I discovered goals (previously unthought of) and ways of achieving those goals. Mind sets and resources to achieve goals have now been realigned giving me energy to achieve goals that I thought were insurmountable. If you want to achieve something and it seems impossible, or you donít know what you want to do, and you want it now, I recommend you go see Hypnospa. Its quick, painless, creative and all about you. It's an investment and gave me tools that will last my life time.” – Peggy Rangi

“With Hypnospa youíre not quite sure what to expect but you can only go on other peopleís experience and recommendation. You go through this journey of discovery, opening your mind to feelings and interpretation you didnít know existed. Your goal or the answer to your questions are there, however it took HypnoSpa to draw it out of me and bring those ideas into discussion where it was visible. I liked Hypnospa because it involved a very realistic action plan, Iím not all about feelings, I need things to be broken down and involve practical steps. I would recommend Hypnospa to anyone. Thanks Jill. ” – Judy, Sydney

“It was well-structured, a nice pace, well-explained, and I came out feeling fantastic. Your style/approach is exceptionally warm and I felt I was in very safe and caring hands. ” – A Walker

“I was a bit of sceptic, but after the session I felt very powerful. I was very impressed with the professionalism.” – D Preston

“I really enjoyed my Hypnospa session. I felt very comfortable and open to the whole experience. Since then I have felt more positive about my goal, like achieving it is a real possibility. Thank you!” – Goal Getter

“I have had several hypnotherapy sessions with Jill Walker dealing with two separate issues regarding relationships. In both instances results were IMMEDIATE and LIFE CHANGING. It gave me clarity on one particular issue that was making my life unhappy, and I was able to make a positive clear decision and move forward. It also removed barriers that were preventing me from meeting and forming relationships with males. Apart from the great results, the hypnotherapy itself is a very pleasant experience and leaves you feeling incredibly relaxed and calm. Itís showed me how much potential hypnotherapy has in helping you live a full happy life, and achieve any goals you may have. I thoroughly recommend Jill Walker for hypnotherapy, and I fully intend to use her services again, this time to focus on health and fitness issues. I canít wait to see the results of those sessions!” – Hypnotherapy Convert Auckland

“I was really happy with my session and will recommend it to anybody who has a goal that they want to achieve Ė attend a goal setting session and get focused on achieving it.” – J Wells (Author)

“My session at Hypnospa was amazing for clearing my mind, organising my thoughts and relaxing my body. Jill is very reassuring and professional, a great guide for my first hypnotherapy experience. ” – Amber P

“Hypnospa has given me the stength of conviction that I have previously been unable to harness on my own. Without Jill, my goal would have remained just out of reach! A fantastic experience. Very highly recommended!” – Eileen (Auckland)

“"Outstanding model of process" "Beautiful presenter - a lot to pack into one session" "Brilliant - more!" ” – Attendees of Rotorua NLP/Hypnotherapy Conference 2

“I would thoroughly recommend this session to any of my friends. Jill puts you completely at ease, explaining the whole process beforehand, dispelling the myths of hypnotism and the realities of the treatment to come. Since undergoing my session, I have gained a new job, started a sideline business and completely altered my diet and exercise regime! Thank you Jill for helping me to re-evaluate my life! ” – S. OíConnor

“I am happy to recommend Jill Walkerís hypnospa practice as a liberating way to meet personal goals. Jill established a calm, safe environment to create a positive, sensory picture of my goal, and identify the resources available to meet it. The pathway Jill provided helped me overcome obstacles that had previously stymied progress. Her approach is consistently professional, caring and empowering.” – Victor van Wetering (Group Session)