So – how shall I describe hypnotherapy to you? Well, as your reading these words – looking at the screen – one thing I do know about you is that right now I have your ATTENTION. And YOUR ATTENTION is the most important thing you have to give to me – to give anyone.
You’re probably sitting down which means your heart is likely to be beating at a reasonably calm rate. Can you notice the rate of your heart beating? It’s directly related to the rate of your breathing – so just take a deep breath in – go on - just humour me – one deep breath in – hold – and exhale and just let all the air out and RELAX. How do your feet feel? Just focus your attention on them for a moment and take another deep breath in – deep breath in – Hold – and exhale and just let all the air out and RELAX all the muscles in your FEET. Feel those muscles becoming limp loose and heavy – and just let any tension in those muscles go – just let it go.

I also know that you know how to day dream. To let your imagination carry you away somewhere – and sometimes when you do that – just like in a dream – what you are imagining is as real as this moment is now. Like when you wake up in the morning and for a very short moment the memory of a dream is still there – but as you wake up – it slips away. Feelings of hypnosis are like waking up. Your body is still so calm and relaxed. Your mind however has woken up – the in-between state.

Here your conscious and subconscious minds can communicate and negotiate what changes you would like in your life. New ways of thinking and behaving. Here you are most open to receiving suggestions. - from others and more importantly – from yourself – reprogramming yourself.

A hypnotherapist helps with this communication. When you bring your thoughts inwards – to the sensations in your feet – the beating of your heart ...... that is getting calmer by the second...... to the relaxation of your hand on a mouse or your eyes on this screen. You begin to give YOURSELF the most important thing you have to give anyone - and that is your attention.

A hypnotherapist adds their full and undivided attention to you so that you can see yourself more clearly. It is then that you can begin ‘re’ – creating yourself with intention. Hypnospa knows that beauty starts in the mind – and once you have created that – you’ll have more than just MY attention.