Jill is no longer taking individual clients.  She is available for group work and public speaking events.  Call 021 660 953 to inquire.


To look in the mirror and like what we see. To face the day feeling confident and comfortable in our own skin. To know we are the best we can be. But we donít always feel that way. Sometimes, we look in the mirror and all we see is stress, worry, fatigue and disappointment, looking back at us. And we focus in on that. Even our bodies might not look or feel the same, or recover and respond as quickly as they used to.


We’ve all heard the expression “beauty comes from within”. But it’s more than an expression. It’s a fact. When we don’t feel beautiful, we focus on and magnify our flaws, completely missing our true beauty. Conversely, when we focus on what we love about ourselves, our beauty can only grow.

So how do we change our focus? By harnessing the unconscious mind. That’s what Hypnospa is for. Hypnospa is an entirely new, yet proven way, to improve your appearance. By unlocking your unconscious mind and finding the key to your own, inner beauty. By harnessing the power of your mind, the inside, you can actually transform the outside.

Hypnospa treatments can help relieve the effect of stressors that take a toll on your internal and external health and energy. Hypnospa sessions bring you to a state of blissful relaxation, leaving you looking and feeling calm and relaxed, melting those stress lines away. Then, while you’re deeply, totally relaxed, Hypnospa helps you to reach into your unconscious and wash away negative thoughts and false beliefs, that block feelings of calm, joy and acceptance of who you are.

Reinforce the things you love about yourself, so they can grow stronger. Harness the power of your mind to reframe unresourceful memories and habits. Adopt new, positive ones, and truly begin to live the life you want and deserve.


Your session begins in a private room, similar to a day spa, calm and serene, with soft music, candles and the gentle scent of essential oils. We start by talking about you, your life and your concerns. Together, we custom design a treatment that will work for you. You will be told exactly what will happen during your session, before we begin, so that you feel completely comfortable. You will then relax in a comfortable chair or reclining table, where you will be invited to close your eyes, and let all your concerns go. Hypnotic language will gently guide you into a deep state of relaxation. This state of hypnosis is where you will connect with your unconscious mind. When your unconscious mind understands what you want, and agrees to help you achieve it, you will gently be brought out of hypnosis, and we’ll briefly discuss your experience. You will feel wonderfully relaxed and emotionally elevated.

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